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Detailed Product Description
PVC Eletrical wire
1.electrical applicance
2.CCC certificate
3.more than 50 years experience

PVC Electrical wire:
1). Voltage: 300/500V
2). Application:electric equipment, household, and electrical appliance.
3). Specification (Electrial wires series include the following) :
* Solid copper (or aluminum) conductor, PVC insulated single core electrical wire
* Stranded copper conductor, PVC insulated single core electrical wire
* Solid copper conductor, PVC insulated and PVC sheathed round multi-core electrical wire
* Solid or stranded copper conductor, PVC insulated and PVC sheathed flat electrical 5). Norminal cross section size of conductor:
0.5mm2, 0.75 mm2, 1.0 mm2, 1.5mm2, 2.5 mm2, 4.0 mm2, 6.0 mm2, 10 mm2, 16 mm2, 25 mm2, 35 mm2, 50 mm2
4) Package
A reel = 100m
margin of error: ±0.5%

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